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Hi. I'm Michael Fulton.

I was at Clarkson from August 2013 to May 2017 for my bachelor's in CS, and in those four years I spent a great deal of time in COSI. I served as lab director from October 2016 to April 2017, and was happy to see COSI grow and change in that time.

My name isn't most places in this wiki, as I'm not a hardware oriented person, and thus didn't just about anything in the server room or relating to COSI services. My time in COSI was spent developing and hopefully improving COSI as a group of people, and developing our fledgling robotics program.

I'm now at the University of Minnesota pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, focusing on robotics. I work in the Minnesota Interactive Robotics and Vision lab, with Junaed Sattar.

Some things that I did:

  • Developed and executed outreach events as well as introduction workshops with Ben Lannon (my co-director), which helped to bring in a great deal of freshmen.
  • Convinced Chris Lynch to give COSI the three robots we currently own: Rapheal, Donatello, and Laika.
  • Taught numerous workshops on robotics, computer vision, and Alexa development.
  • I also helped with hosting COSI's first hackathon: Hack Potsdam (hosted jointly with the Potsdam ACM).

Contact Info

You can contact me at fulto081 at umn dot edu most days.

I also hang out on IRC.