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Hello. I'm Alan. This page was last updated 1 semester after I left Clarkson (Updated December 2016).

I was formerly a CS Masters student at Clarkson (graduated August 2016, my adviser was Alexis Maciel), and I spent a lot of time in COSI working on lots of things... My undergraduate degree was in Mechanical Engineering (also at Clarkson), making me a "Mechaniputer Enginientist". During that degree I also spent a lot of time in COSI. I also have a strong interest in computing history. As of December 2016, I'm at the University of Rochester pursuing my PhD.

I think COSI was the best thing (really, the best thing!) at Clarkson during my time there, and it fundamentally influenced the direction of my career. If you're reading this, please do your best to keep it going and sustain the free-form, collaborative, immersive, "open-source" (free-software, even!) learning that COSI stands for.

Some things that I have done/worked on in the labs include:

  • ITL and COSI Debian builds
  • ITL new hardware deployment (2014)
  • Migration of docs to new VM
  • Maintenance of these docs (and prevention of deprecation/deletion of these docs post-2013, until 2015!)
  • Maintenance of web{1,2,3} VMs
  • Temporary DHCP and SSH Gateway setups on emergency T61 thinkpad, which worked flawlessly for over 1 semester until Summer 2015 during a period of infrastructure flux!
  • Building the COSI cubby/shelf (irl, with plywood and 2x4's)
  • COSI Library maintenance
  • Coordinating volunteer activities
  • The great cleaning of Summer '15 (ambitous but probably necessary every few years)
  • Setup of Phoenix and Bennu VM hosts
  • Setup and balancing of server room UPSes for optimal runtime (2015)
  • COSI Director for Summer/Fall 2015