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Below are some conventions to be used in editing:

  • Use good grammar whenever possible. If you discover unclear language or bad grammar anywhere on this wiki, please correct it.
  • Use Templates when you see an article that is in need of edits, wikifying, deletion, expansion, etc. This will identify articles that are in need via relevent categories automatically.
  • When posting source code, use the <source lang="{c, c++, php, js, bash, ...}"></source> tags.
  • Use the term "VM" or "Virtual Machine" when talking about a functional 'machine' running under something like Xen or VMware. Use the term "image" when referring to the actual file, or a backup of a filesystem.
  • We do not have Wikipedia's requirement of "no original research", but citation is always good (when possible).
  • Include all relevant information from citation in authored articles, in case the websites you cited cease to exist at some point.
  • The official, all-encompassing title for all organizations that occupy our lab space is the Applied Computer Science Laboratories at Clarkson University. Acceptable abbreviations include Applied CS Labs at Clarkson University, Applied CS Labs @ Clarkson University, Applied CS Labs at Clarkson, Applied CS Labs @ Clarkson , or simply the Labs. We're a proper noun, so capitalize us.